Is it worth it to lie?

Have you ever been betrayed by your family or friends? How do you cope up with the betrayal?

I was in grade school when I met this girl, she a transfer student so she doesn’t have yet any friends. So I approach her and we instantly click. I introduce her to my friends and she was welcomed by my group. The first two months are amazing between her and my friends then suddenly I noticed that my friends became colder towards me. I didn’t confront them until one of them ask me something that makes me shock. I will not go through with the details, but what she said really makes me mad. I really want to confront her that time, but my friend told me not to and just pretend for the meantime that I know nothing. So I did.

She thought she got all my friends’ trust and loyalty, well she’s wrong. We are friends before her and our bond are stronger than what she thought. Then we are in the garden where she and my friends are hanging out I accidentally heard her telling another lie about me that when I lose my cool. When she saw me approaching her, she was about to give me her fake smile, but I swipe it with my hand. It sting but gosh it felt so good. Then I bomber her how I knew all her being a two face, a lying bitch and trying to ruin me from my friends. How my friends knew it also. Since that day she became loner. And it is so sad that she ruined her relationship with us just because wants to be the center of attention.

Since then I was having a hard time to trust someone, to trust their word.

Trust is something you can not just give to someone. You must make that someone work hard to earn it, so they will know the worth of it once they broke it.

No matter how good your intention is, never as in never ever lie. Truth hurts, but it is much better than lying and lose the trust of your love ones.

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