Love for Everyone

May our future be filled with love and acceptance.

Have a blessed afternoon to everyone! 💖

This photo was taken last February 16 of this year in Vista de Puente in Ilijan, Batangas, Philippines.


Weekend Getaway: Vista de Puente

Hi Guys! How are you? Hope your are doing well and your day is full of colorful stories . 😊

Today, I gonna share to you my recent and first trip this year with my ever lovely friends. We usually avail tour packages, but this trip we decided to commute. (Thinking it was a good idea and more fun) 😁

Our destination is Vista de Puenta in Ilijan, Batangas. We just found this through facebook. And my workmate told me also about this place and gave me a good feedback so it help us choose this place. So booked an overnight stay in the resort (February 16-17).

We travelled from Manila to Lemery, Batangas (Bus Terminal) on February 16 at 5:00 AM, we thought we will arrived there by 7:30 AM but we got stuck in the traffic jam in Turbina (part of Calamba City in Laguna). So we were in Lemery, I think past 8:00 AM. Since our check-in time is 2:00 PM we had our breakfast first then decided to look for other place to visit to kill some time. And that place is Fantasy World. 

Fantasy world supposedly an abandoned theme park but it became a tourist destination on its own. That may be because it look like a haunted Disneyland. 😁

Though it doesn’t have any operating rides, we still enjoy our time we spent in the park and we have lots of photos taken but I’m not going to share it all here. 😜 We left the park around 12 NN and travelled going to the resort for almost 3 hours.

It is so tiring and the weather is too hot that we really want to be in the resort as soon as possible. When we arrived at the resort, we didn’t waste our time. After we check-in, we changed into our swimming wear and heaavvveeennnn… the water. 😍😍😍

We stay in the pool for half an hour then go to the beach for like 30 minutes. We didn’t stay long since it was rocky and waves are too strong. But it still had fun!


If you need more information about Vista de Puente, you may visit their facebook page: or email them at


Stay Strong

The world is full of evilness, but do not succumb to it.
It might offer you everything, but do not be tempted.
It might think you are foolish, but do not let it affect you.
It might try to harm you or your love-ones, but don let it take away your faith.
It’s Risky , but you have to stay strong.
Let your Faith in Him be your protection, your foundation.
Everything will be worth it at the end.

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Three year ago, he intently gazed at his newly born daughter.
His tears are visible in the corner of his eyes.
He holds the tiny hand of his daughter
while saying how happy he is that they finally have her.

Two years ago, with a heavy heart he left to work overseas.
If he had a choice he won't leave, but he need to sacrifice.
He need to be away so he can provide for his Family.

Then finally, he was able to see again his child.
Hearing her call him Papa is the best thing he ever heard.
It makes him proud and motivate him to work harder.

He knew every hardship he had is all worth it.
And everything he will do for the sake of his Family.
Even if it means is to be away with them.

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Photo:        rhienacasiano
Photo taken:  21 August 2017
Location:     Bagasbas Beach, Philippines